All About People 2016

Artists, innovators, disrupters and experts came together around one idea - when people thrive, organisations thrive too.

/ 3 months ago
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The Implications of Tech for HR

The rapid evolution of technology enables us to continuously work in new ways. What are the impacts of technology on HR?

/ 3 months ago
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How Can Organisations Identify the Right Talent?

Every organisation wants to build an amazing team. But how do you identify the right talent for your organisation?

/ 3 months ago
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How Can Organisations Retain Talented People?

What should your organisation do to make sure your best people stay with you?

/ 3 months ago
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How Can Organisations Attract Talented People?

Every organisation needs to build amazing teams, but how can you attract those talented people to yours?

/ 3 months ago
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Skills Needed by HR in the Future

The relationship between people, organisations and work is changing. How will the skills needed by HR change to meet these new needs?

/ 3 months ago
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#1 Priority for HR in Any Organisation

Every HR Department has many priorities at any one time. But which should be #1?

/ 3 months ago